The Canalous Bases


Offering you the best service…
Whether you arrive by car, train or plane, our bases are ready to welcome you. We will give you all the necessary information relating to your trip and of course access maps to help guide you while you travel.

When you arrive at the port, the head of the base and his team will welcome you and offer you the best service. Following that there will be some paperwork to fill out before you may board the boat (sailing card, inventory). This paperwork and the instruction and demonstration on how to use the boat will take about 2hours in total.

Aim to arrive an hour before the actual boarding time as this will allow you time to buy any necessary supplies for your trip from the local stores. Please keep in mind that the boat you rent will have probably only been returned that morning so there is no reason to arrive too early as the boat will most likely not be ready

The Schedules:

For a week or longer:
Depending on the bases, the departure days are fixed, either Monday, Friday or Saturday. If you can, choose to leave during the week as this means the base staff will often have more time to instruct you. You can arrive at 3pm or after, for organisational reasons we cannot receive you before 3pm. You may board the boat between 4pm and 7pm. The boat must be returned by 9am on the last day of the cruise.

For 2 day weekends:
Check in at 10am Saturday morning (there is the possibility of boarding the boat on Friday night at 4pm depending on the route plan. This possibility must be confirmed at least one week in advance). Departure is on Saturday morning between 10am and 11am. The boat must be returned Monday morning at 9am.

For a mini-week:
Check in on Monday afternoon at 3pm. Departure is between 4pm and 6pm on Monday afternoon. The boat must be returned Friday afternoon at 9am.