Canal du Midi Boat Hire

A delightful river cruise under the sun

The canal des deux Mers was created by Baron Riquet (1604 – 1680) and took 14 years to build. Since then the canal has barely changed, it still has the ancient round and oval locks that were constructed in the 17th century and the elegant, Roman styled, arched bridges which are classified as World Heritage for Humanity.

As this river winds through Agde, a popular small, southern town excelling in agriculture and fishing, then onwards to the city of Homps, situated at the edge of the Cathar country, it traverses a countryside that tenderly calls to mind the French Riviera. As you cruise through a world where the sun is gently filtered through the thickly forested banks, you will find yourself in a place of colourful flowers and relaxing birdsongs, an idyllic place to relax and to lose yourself on your houseboat. Here you can take pleasure in the family life, or spend quality time with you friends taking long bike rides, or delighting in the many historical or gastronomic pleasures that this region offers and gently float along the river letting time pass you by…

Photo Gallery of the Canal du Midi River Cruises
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